How do I choose a perfume?

Favorite celebrity jewelry
Every year, world celebrities set new trends in the selection of hairstyles, makeup, clothing and, of course, jewelry. Millions of women from all over the world with a sinking heart…

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Cologne. How did Giovanni Farina create the perfume that conquered the world?
Cologne has long and firmly entered our lives, no wonder it is considered one of the best gifts for men. But by historical standards, Cologne is relatively young, it is…

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Selective perfumes
Today, you can hear more and more about selective spirits, but their history has a centuries-old tradition. The fact is that perfume has long been intended for the elite of…

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How do I choose a perfume?

Not the one who is beautiful, whose hand or leg is praised, but the one whose entire appearance will not allow you to admire individual features.
Read By Ilon Groshev

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How nice it is for women to see the admiring looks of men. You will agree that sometimes it is our favorite fragrance that sets us up to feel at our best and enjoy every moment.How great it is to feel the delicate scent of roses or the sweet smell of vanilla with a light breeze…

The fragrance that your skin carries is a kind of identification number for others. Continue reading

How do I choose a perfume? Let’s turn to appearance

“There is no harder work than trying to look beautiful from eight in the morning to midnight.»
Brigitte Bardot

Beauty always attracts looks, even if sometimes not admiring, but envious and angry. But no one, probably, will deny the fact that the beauty of women has played a huge role throughout history — beauty ruled the world, because of it, wars broke out, men died and States collapsed. Beauty ignites passion in men’s hearts. Continue reading

How do I choose a perfume? The smell and the sign of the Zodiac

“I don’t believe in astrology because I’m a Twin, and Twins never believe in astrology.”Raymond Smalian

The choice of perfumes is not an easy task, if only because our nose ceases to perceive them after a couple of smells. Sometimes it is so difficult to make a choice in favor of a particular fragrance! Therefore, to incline to a certain perfume, you can ask for advice from astrology. What do star experts advise us?

So, if you are Aries. Aries is a sign of the fire element. Women of this sign are strong in spirit, bold, passionate, ambitious, impulsive and extravagant. They will be suitable for perfumes that will Express their inner state of mind — the smell should be fresh and strong enough.

Taurus is an earth sign. Taurus women are resilient, practical, and hardy. They have a good disposition and a wide Outlook. They are reluctant to change their flavor preferences. They are most suitable perfumes with herbal fresh compositions. Continue reading

Perfumery. How did she conquer the world?

The word “perfume” comes from the French “parfumerie”, formed in turn from the Latin” per fumium “— literally translated” through smoke”, that is, Smoking, burning incense. And this is no coincidence, because the history of perfumery stretches back to the times of Ancient Egypt.

Spirits, in the modern sense as they are, certainly did not exist in Ancient Egypt. But, despite this, incense played a huge role in this largest ancient civilization. They were used in religious ceremonies.

The Romans also gave aromas healing properties and used them in medicine. They were the first to use glass vessels for storing balms and perfumes — vials and ampoules.

The fall of the Roman Empire, the invasion of barbarians and endless wars temporarily suspended the development of perfumes in the Western world. In the Arab countries, this art was actively developed. The Arabs traded in flower spices and invented distillation. Continue reading

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