How do I choose a perfume?

Creed: Royal luxury and nobility in every note
When creating your own brand, could James Henry creed even for a second assume that his brainchild will become infinitely popular and will be recognized among the most successful and…

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Your favorite flavor. What notes and chords does it consist of?
It is no secret that the aroma of almost any perfume consists of a certain composition, verified over the years. In fact, the composition of the fragrance is a mixture…

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How do I choose a perfume?
Not the one who is beautiful, whose hand or leg is praised, but the one whose entire appearance will not allow you to admire individual features. Seneca Read By Ilon…

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How to choose perfume? Polymorphism and polyphony

Today we are talking about the secrets of the” structure ” of the smell, or-about the right way to distinguish high-quality perfumes.

Only cheap” consumer ” perfumes consist of one or two “odorous” components. If the toilet “deodorant” consists of a single odorous substance, then the smell of it will not actually change after use, but will be equally irritating to your nose until it wears off. Continue reading

How to choose perfume? Equality and flavor

Another “popular” way to choose spirits is to “sniff” your friend. “Oh, how lovely!”- and immediately begins a trip to the store to buy. For the most part, such purchases gather dust later on the shelves. Why — now you will find out.

Let it be known that no two people are the same — no matter what the politicians who make us think of “equality” – that is, the sameness and sameness of all people-may say. Continue reading

How to choose perfume? Tasting

We discussed various ways to select your own flavor and explained the disadvantages of these methods. For some reason, everything described turned out to be “wrong”. So what should I do? Isn’t there a sure way to determine whether a fragrance is right for you — or should you choose it blindly?

The most successful option to choose a fragrance is to choose a perfume with the help of an experienced consultant. It can quickly tell you the direction of your search, determine which family of scents would suit you best, and help you evaluate perfume products correctly. Continue reading

How to choose your perfume?

Perfume, whether perfume or eau de toilette, is the greatest invention of mankind. What can repel or arouse desire, delight or shock, make a ride in an Elevator a torture chamber or a small Paradise? Of course, successfully or unsuccessfully selected perfume.

Of course, we can not ignore the influence of smell on our consciousness. No matter how attractive and smart a person is, if they smell bad or bad, they are guaranteed to be alone. Plus, the smell, as well as the taste, tends to stay in our memory for a long time. We often remember not the people around us, but the perfume they use. Continue reading

Love for life? Arabic perfume

“Even the most refined outfit needs at least a drop of perfume. Only they will give it completeness and perfection… ” – admitted the master of the costume Yves Saint Laurent. Spirits are a whole philosophy created by the wise East.
Oil-based fragrances appeared long before the now popular alcoholic perfumery of French masters. The art of creating incense has a long history. The very first guide to creating perfumes and perfumes — the “Book of chemistry of aromas and distillations” -was written in the IX century by an Arabian scientist named Abu Yusuf Yaqub Ibn Ishaq Ibn Sabbah al-Kindi (Alkindus). This is more than a hundred recipes for cooking aromatic oils, medicines and balms — in fact, the basis of modern aromatherapy. Continue reading

Selective perfumes
Today, you can hear more and more about selective spirits, but their history has a centuries-old tradition. The fact is that perfume has long been intended for the elite of…


Is it worth investing in?.. perfume?
The advertisements say that it is on a par with the world-famous Louvre and Versailles. Maybe so, but this is the first time I've heard of the spirit Museum. Kevin…


How to choose perfume? Common mistake
After the tasting, we will start reviewing the most common mistakes that inexperienced perfume users make. So — what not to do when choosing and using flavored products. Porridge will…


How do I set up an online perfume store? Business features
Among the numerous Internet trading platforms, online perfume stores stand a little apart, since we are talking about a specific product — the aroma of perfumes and colognes, which can…