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Why is fake perfume in demand?

Why buy a fake the famous Coco Chanel spoke about what a significant role perfume plays for a person. She felt naked when she left the house without a drop of her favorite perfume on her wrist. French fashion designer Pierre Cardin emphasized that perfume is clothing that is not removed. One way or another, but in the modern world, the demand for perfumes is growing more and more. People are used to drawing attention to themselves not only with the help of stylish clothes, shoes or accessories, but also with the help of perfume.

Today, the perfume industry offers a wide variety of products: perfumes or toilet waters, perfumes and colognes. But, coming to a perfume store, the buyer is often disappointed, since the cost of the desired perfume, to put it mildly, is sky-high. Having a salary of 10 thousand rubles or being a student with a small scholarship, he simply can not afford to buy Chanel or Dior perfume, which will have to spend half or more of his income. And how do you want to please yourself with a delicious aroma, collect a lot of compliments about the trail of your perfume and interested questions “What is this wonderful fragrance?”. Moreover, the surrounding society dictates its own rules: perfume is an integral part of the image of a modern man or woman.

Reason #1

But what to do if the budget does not allow you to buy expensive perfume? This leads to the main spiritual reason why a person decides to buy a fake perfume. After all, not everyone can make such a gift when there are many other necessary things, and everyone wants to look and smell good. In this case, the person decides to purchase fake perfume consciously. And yet, there is hope that even an unoriginal perfume will meet expectations.

It is worth noting that the market for fake perfumes is not inferior in its scale to the original market. Why is that? The fact is that it is demand that creates supply. And, this trend is primarily the result of a large demand of low-income segments of the population for affordable perfumes. In addition, perfumes of well-known brands aimed at the masses are forged. A fake that uses the name of a prestigious brand is a strong incentive to purchase. Counterfeit selective perfumes are less common, although they also occur.

Reason #2

Another reason why a person buys a fake is their ignorance of the differences or the opinion that few people understand perfumes. Some people really do not feel the difference between the original and the fake, others throughout their lives use copies and are quite happy with them. Many people believe that others will not notice the difference, because the main thing is that it smells good. There is some truth in this, because not everyone really understands perfume and not every nose is able to distinguish a good copy from the original.

For some, buying a fake perfume is a way to try something new. The search for” your ” perfume can last for a lifetime. And not everyone can afford to buy the original and then realize that this fragrance does not suit them. Some perfumes get bored very quickly, but the money spent on them can not be returned. Then it makes sense to buy copies, because you can try new flavors, without “hitting the wallet”. Fake perfumes make it possible to discover different perfumes without having a lot of income. Copies of spirits allow you to experiment, try on a new image and change it without much material cost. In addition, using a persistent perfume is difficult to change the flavor during the day, and with a copy it is possible.

copies of spirits

Accidentally or deliberately

Another thing is when a person buys a fake unknowingly. Today, a high price, unfortunately, is not a guarantee of quality. And even in large perfume stores, you can buy a high-quality copy of perfumes produced in the UAE, but at a “French price”. Such cases are especially common on the eve of holidays, such as before March 8. In most cases, perfumes for women’s day are purchased by men, who usually Orient themselves in the flavors less than the fair sex. It is more difficult for them to distinguish a fake women’s perfume from the original. Even if a pedantic buyer asks for a document confirming the authenticity of the product, it is likely that they will be given a certificate issued for one batch of perfume, and the other copies are not certified.

There is also a category of people who understand that they can spend a lot of money on a fake under the guise of the original, decide to buy copies of perfume. They believe that it is better to purchase a fake consciously and at a price that corresponds to the quality.

Where do fake perfumes come from?

The basis of fake perfumes are copies of perfumes. Externally, this product repeats the original, that is, the bottle and packaging design. But as for the quality of the content, it can be different. Today, copies of the perfume are produced in China, Poland, Egypt, Turkey and the UAE. The best quality of Turkish and Arabic products. The similarity of these copies to the original is 85-100%, and the sound duration is about 5 hours. A high-quality copy of the perfume preserves the bouquet and the main notes of the fragrance. Offering a copy, the manufacturer does not aim to create something new, it offers an affordable analogue of an expensive perfume. Thanks to this, a wide audience of low-income people has the opportunity to use perfumes, especially since the choice among copies is quite extensive.

perfumes from the UAE


Of course, you can’t say that copies of spirits are preferable to the original. Naturally, the original is better, otherwise there would be no such thing as a “fake”. If you have the funds to purchase original perfumes, then you probably would not have read the article until the end. Others, after reading the article, will draw conclusions for themselves: to buy or not to buy fake perfume. For someone – this is the only way out, related to the financial situation, because everyone lives to the best of their abilities. So the choice is Yours!

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