Top 10 new perfumes (as of September 2017)
Chanel Gabrielle novincane so long ago we wrote about the top 10 perfume novelties for July 2017. Only a few months have passed, and we are ready to present you…

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Article for men!
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How do I choose a perfume?
Not the one who is beautiful, whose hand or leg is praised, but the one whose entire appearance will not allow you to admire individual features. Seneca Read By Ilon…

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How do I choose a perfume? Let’s turn to appearance

“There is no harder work than trying to look beautiful from eight in the morning to midnight.»
Brigitte Bardot

Beauty always attracts looks, even if sometimes not admiring, but envious and angry. But no one, probably, will deny the fact that the beauty of women has played a huge role throughout history — beauty ruled the world, because of it, wars broke out, men died and States collapsed. Beauty ignites passion in men’s hearts.

The look that a woman tries on is not complete without fragrance. Everything should be harmonious in a woman — and the perfume that she uses should complement her divine image.

There is a classification of types of appearance of women by season. Perhaps these tips will help you finish your image with the perfect fragrance. Determine what type of perfume you are and what perfume should suit you.

“Spring type»
This type of appearance includes beautiful blondes with light skin and light blue or gray-green eyes. These women prefer light-colored clothing. They are charming, open and natural. “Spring” women seem to radiate purity and lightness from all sides.

The flavors that suit them should also be light, unobtrusive, clean and airy — fresh flavors of fruits and greens. Heavy smells — sweet and sensual-can create a sense of incongruity in the image of a beautiful blonde beauty.

“Summer type»
This type includes feminine, elegant women with light brown hair, matte skin and bright eyes — blue, gray, blue. They prefer clothes that emphasize their figure, all cold shades, especially “summer” women are suitable for blue and gray tones. This type has a strong will and intelligent manners.

Scents that are suitable for a flying woman-floral, elegant, sweet, but not too exotic. The “summer type” needs to carry some element of mystery and passion, so the aromas of Jasmine and rose will perfectly complement the image of a burning beauty.

“Autumn type»
A brown-haired woman with brown or dark gray eyes and dark skin is a representative of the “autumn type”. She is full of energy, optimistic and confident. She knows that her abilities will always help her achieve victory in any of her endeavors. “Autumn” beauty prefers bright, warm shades in clothing, her style-success and dynamism.

It is suitable for heavy tart, spicy Oriental flavors. On the contrary, fresh spring and sweet scents can destroy the image of a stunning beauty.

“Winter type»
This type of appearance can include dark-haired women with dark brown or green eyes, light skin with a cold shade. These women are not limited to clothing only warm or only cold tones, they prefer to mix them. “Winter” women with all their appearance Express elegance, nobility and independence. Their behavior smacks of a certain coldness, they prefer to keep strangers at a distance. These women look erotic, but unapproachable.

Flavors that are suitable for snow beauty should not be too tart or sweet, the best option is fresh or slightly sweet flavors.

Choose a perfume so that your image tells everyone that you are charming, and that the fragrance is in harmony with your spiritual well-being.

Good choice!

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