Perfume novelties 2015-2016
Modern fragrances become real works of art, which involve not only perfumers, but also celebrities, designers, photographers and models. That is why the release of new products is an important…

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Perfumery. How did she conquer the world?
The word "perfume" comes from the French "parfumerie", formed in turn from the Latin" per fumium "— literally translated" through smoke", that is, Smoking, burning incense. And this is no…

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What is TEGE?
In Odnoklassniki, on the Chelyabinsk community page, They started asking all sorts of questions, playing games... I Must say that it was nice for me to find some interesting things…

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How do I choose a perfume?

Not the one who is beautiful, whose hand or leg is praised, but the one whose entire appearance will not allow you to admire individual features.
Read By Ilon Groshev

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How nice it is for women to see the admiring looks of men. You will agree that sometimes it is our favorite fragrance that sets us up to feel at our best and enjoy every moment.How great it is to feel the delicate scent of roses or the sweet smell of vanilla with a light breeze…

The fragrance that your skin carries is a kind of identification number for others. Here you are in a great mood, dreaming of spring, and people can feel it in you-by your smile, walk and … smell. You smell of spring! How nice it is to choose flavors to suit your mood. And how incredibly difficult it is not to get confused in the products offered by perfumery, among which it is not so easy to find a suitable one for yourself. To begin with, let’s figure out what types of perfumes there are.

1. Perfume
They are the most persistent and strong perfume. Sometimes just a drop of perfume is enough to forget about their repeated application for a long time. A beautiful fragrance will stay on your velvety skin for five or more hours. Also, perfume has a more versatile and deep smell (have you all read and watched “Perfumer”?). However, unfortunately, it is the perfume that is the most expensive perfume.

2. Perfumed water (toilet perfume)
What are the advantages of perfumed water? First, it is convenient to use, since toilet perfumes are always available in a spray. Secondly, this type of perfume has an optimal price-quality ratio. Third, perfumed water contains a fairly high percentage of aromatic composition, which allows it to stay on the body for almost as long as perfume.

3. Toilet water
Eau de toilette is perfect for everyday use. In stores, there is a huge selection, and on the shelves you can find eau de toilette in various volumes — 30, 50, 75 and 100 ml. Like perfumed water, it is most often in the form of a spray. We are also pleased with the availability in price. However, the big disadvantage of eau de toilette is its low resistance, which is only two to three hours.

And now, having decided on the type of perfumed products, let’s determine when and what the flavors are suitable for.

First, you need to immediately separate the morning and evening fragrance. If you are going to use perfume or toilet water in the morning, the smell should be light and unobtrusive. For this purpose, feel free to choose citrus flavors, as well as marine motifs. For the evening, it is better to use nutmeg-amber or spicy notes.

Secondly, the choice of flavor depends on the time of year. For example, for summer, it is better to choose something fresh and again unobtrusive, because when the temperature rises, the perfume feels more strongly. Do not frighten people away with a cloying sweet smell in the sultry heat.

Third, I would like to advise you to carry a small bottle of perfume or perfumed water. If you put on a lot of perfume in the morning, in any case, the smell will not survive until the evening. It is best to use the attached bottle several times during the day.

By the way, there are many classifications for which you can choose a fragrance specifically for your type. For example, there is a classification of the division of odors for women according to various criteria-a woman Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter. Or the division by type of temperament – for the choleric, melancholic, sanguine, phlegmatic.

However, do not blindly follow these classifications, apply perfume or other perfumes to suit your mood and your memories. And then your favorite flavors will delight you throughout the day. And finally, I would like to note a few points on the use of perfumes.

Many experts recommend applying the fragrance to dry, clean skin in places where the pulse is easily felt: behind the ears, in the hollow of the neck, under the chest, in the curves of the elbows, on the wrists, under the knees. This is due to the fact that the pulse beat allows the fragrance to evaporate better. You can sometimes blow your hair. Do not apply to clothing, because the fragrance is fully revealed only when in contact with the skin. Do not use perfume if you are going to stay in the bright sun — it can cause burns.

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