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Favorite celebrity jewelry

Every year, world celebrities set new trends in the selection of hairstyles, makeup, clothing and, of course, jewelry. Millions of women from all over the world with a sinking heart watch the exits of celebrities on the red carpet and try to remember the most striking details in the star images. Some fashion trends are constantly changing, and some go from season to season, delighting their loyal fans with their constancy. In this article, we will look at jewelry accessories, thanks to which the names of some famous beauties do not leave the pages of gloss for a long time.

1. Angelina Jolie and her emerald earrings

This American actress has long been a certain standard of femininity and beauty for many, so each of her new appearance is not without the attention of the cameras. Her outfits are usually thought out to the smallest detail, but they are quite restrained and concise. Angelina tries not to overload her image with a large number of jewelry and most often prefers original earrings, which are sometimes supplemented with a ring or necklace. One of the actress’s favorite jewelry is a pair of luxurious emerald earrings that favorably emphasize her green eyes.

Angelina Jolie jewelry

2. Victoria Beckham’s wedding ring collection

British singer, songwriter, dancer, model, actress, fashion designer and businesswoman – all this is about one fragile woman, who is also a real icon of style and that is why the public is constantly interested in her own person. Victoria rarely complements her images with fancy jewelry, but at the same time has an incredible weakness for wedding rings. For 15 years of joint life with David Beckham, her collection has 13 rings with precious stones, with a total value of more than six million dollars.

Beckham jewelry

3. Cara Delevingne in a jewelry ad

The famous British model is not afraid to experiment with her style, so she can often be seen in bright extravagant outfits, supplemented with a large number of accessories. Large earrings, unusual necklaces, catchy rings-the girl easily combines all this in one image and at the same time looks irresistible. Not so long ago, the celebrity starred in an advertising campaign for the John Hardy brand. In the photos, we see a Nude Cara showing off unusual jewelry. One of the most interesting is a luxury bracelet in the form of a snake. By the way, on our website you can find a similar bracelet from Tutti frutti.

Cara Delevingne jewelry

4. Margot Robbie’s sophisticated accessories

The Australian actress, who played the Joker’s sexy girlfriend Harley Quinn in the acclaimed movie “suicide Squad”, often appears in life in restrained, elegant outfits. She is rarely pretentious, flashy accessories, and gives preference to small, simple ornaments. Most often, a girl chooses exquisite earrings that harmoniously emphasize her femininity and beauty.

Margot Robbie costume jewelry

5. Memorable Miley Cyrus necklaces

Miley is one of the most shocking young Hollywood stars. Her images are striking in their brightness and creativity, and if the red carpet celebrity chooses more restrained in her understanding of outfits and accessories, then in life she is used to shock her fans not only with bold antics, but also with an unusual appearance. On her neck often flaunt large necklaces that attract a lot of looks. The girl is absolutely not afraid of criticism and confidently wears such jewelry, combining them with everyday clothes.

Miley Cyrus costume jewelry

Each of the above women has a special view of style and beauty. Their jewelry always attracts attention and is an integral attribute of the star image. When choosing a new earring, ring or necklace, first of all, focus on your own taste and style, which you adhere to. Celebrity jewelry in this case can only be a source of inspiration, because the main goal of any accessory is to emphasize Your personality.

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