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Perfume novelties 2015-2016

Modern fragrances become real works of art, which involve not only perfumers, but also celebrities, designers, photographers and models. That is why the release of new products is an important event in the life of each brand. In this article, we will look at some of the most striking perfume compositions that were published in 2015 and 2016.

1) Dolce and Gabbana “Dolce Floral Drops” (2015)

The face of the advertising campaign was the famous model Kate king, whose refinement and aristocratic appearance perfectly reflect the character of “Dolce Floral Drops”. This perfume composition resembles the smell of green leaves and delicate flowers, the petals of which sparkle with cool drops of morning dew. Fresh, sensual, light, translucent fragrance has already won the hearts of millions of women. Maybe You should get to know him better, too.

2) Moschino “Couture Fresh” (2015)
One of the most creative fashion brands of our time, Moschino, recently shocked its fans with a new fragrance called “Fresh Couture”. Externally, it looks one in one as a window cleaner, while the smell is pleasant, gentle, energetic and even cute. Jeremy Scott explains this trick by saying that the design of the bottle itself has no value, but is only a vessel that contains a fashionable perfume. If you appreciate fresh, cool scents, we recommend you to take a closer look at this shocking new product.

3) By Kilian “Voulez-Vous Coucher Avec Moi” (2015)
Like most compositions from By Kilian, this fragrance has an original name, which means “do you want to sleep with me”. Does his character correspond to such an unusual name? Maybe part of it. It is not vulgar and provocative, but it does not take up the mystery and alluring sexuality. Only sexuality in it is not provocative and not vulgar, it is shown in the look, smile and every slight movement of its owners. Do you want to emphasize your sensuality and natural charm with a fragrance? Choose “Voulez-Vous Coucher Avec Moi”.

4) Hugo Boss “Bottled Oud” (2015)
Men who prefer luxury, solid, noble perfume compositions will not pass by the fragrance “Bottled Oud” from Hugo Boss. In its composition, the fundamental note is a high-quality, natural UD. Fans of this precious note in perfumery will be delighted with this fragrance: masculine, resolute, powerful, deep, refined and elegant. It doesn’t matter whether you are collecting Oud flavors or have decided to get acquainted with this ingredient for the first time – this perfume is definitely worthy of Your attention.

5) Lanvin “Eclat de Fleurs” (2015)
Fans of perfumes from the Lanvin brand are always looking forward to new products, because almost every fragrance of this brand becomes a bestseller. “Eclat de Fleurs” was no exception. In a short time, it managed to fall in love with millions of women around the world, thanks to its delicate, sensual, seductive floral and fruit composition. This fragrance is beyond age and time. It will look equally good on an adult, elegant woman, and on a young coquette. Day and night, summer and winter, at work and on a romantic date-it will be appropriate everywhere. Do you want to add a universal, gentle, charming fragrance to your perfume collection? Be sure to take a closer look at this new product.

6) Amouage “Lilac Love” (2016)
The world-famous brand Amouage has presented its first fragrance in the new collection The Secret Garden. It is created to reveal and emphasize the real, natural, classic beauty of a modern woman. Sensual, delicate, sophisticated, mysterious- “Lilac Love” will appeal to most of the fairer sex, who prefer floral scents. All fans of the Amouage brand should definitely get acquainted with this new product, because it has every chance to become a real favorite of their perfume collection.

7) Burberry ” Mr. Burberry” (2016)
Burberry creative and CEO Christopher Bailey speaks very warmly about his new fragrance “Mr. Burberry”. He considers it one of the most important men’s perfumes. This composition is created in the best English traditions, but at the same time it is bold, bold and far from the standards of British perfumes. It combines the elegance of the legendary Burberry trench coat and the magical atmosphere of London. This new product is sure to appeal to charismatic, solid men who try to follow the fashion, but at the same time have their own unique style.

8) Paco Rabanne “Invictus Aqua” (2016)
This new product from Paco Rabanne is created for a real winner. Her hero is a strong, brave, purposeful man who always gets what he wants at any price. “Invictus Aqua” is a fresh, cool, aquatic citrus fragrance that gives energy, cheerfulness and new strength to its owner. The original design of the bottle, made in the form of a silver Cup, will become a real decoration of Your perfume collection, and the perfume composition itself will cause delight and attract the attention of others to You.

9) Hugo Boss “Hugo Woman Extreme” (2016)
Not so long ago, the popular brand Hugo Boss introduced the perfume Duo Hugo Extreme. The female version called “Hugo Woman Extreme” turned out to be surprisingly clean, refined, playful and seductive. It intertwines berry, floral and herbaceous shades, creating a refreshing, energetic sound of the composition. If you are looking for a fragrance for warm Sunny days-be sure to look at this new product from Hugo Boss, maybe it will take a place in Your heart and even become Your perfume reflection.

10) Christian Dior “Poison Girl” (2016)
This new product is addressed to modern young beauties-bold, bold and seductive. It has a multi-faceted, sweet-floral fragrance with a sexy provocative train. The heroine of “Poison Girl” likes noisy parties and new acquaintances. She is straightforward and fearless, able to win the heart of any man, almost without making any effort. She is free, passionate and self-confident. If You see yourself in this image, it means that the new product from Christian Dior is definitely created for You.

A well-chosen fragrance is not just a beautiful addition to Your image. It can become a reflection of Your character, your soul, your thoughts and desires. The choice of a new perfume should be taken very seriously, because if you are lucky – You will be able to find a fragrance that will become Your second self.

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