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How do I choose a perfume?
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You wouldn't be chasing cheapness
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How to choose a perfume

Which perfume should I choose? We often hear this question from our clients. We offer a few tips on how to choose the right perfume and what you need to know.

Perfume should be chosen depending on the time when you are going to wear them: there are daytime and evening scents. Daytime scents are lighter and more delicate, while evening scents are sensual and spicy. The choice of flavor is also influenced by the time of year: in summer, sweet fruit, floral or fresh citrus flavors should prevail, and in winter – chypre.
Burning brunettes are more suitable for spicy aromas with Oriental notes. Blondes also go fresh and light perfume with notes of flowers or fruit. Red-haired girls are suitable for active and bright scents. Delicate brown-haired women are well suited to affectionate floral scents.
The choice of perfume is influenced by the nature of their owner. Active girls definitely need to choose fresh citrus and floral scents. Calm, reserved ladies will suit mysterious Oriental and chypre scents. And experts advise emotional and romantic people to choose sweet floral scents.

Differences between toilet perfumes and toilet water:

Perfume (from lat. per fumum-through the smell — – a set of products used for flavoring. Usually perfumes are liquid solutions of volatile aromatic substances. Aromatics can be either of natural origin or artificial. The most popular types of perfumes are:

Toilet water
Eau de Parfum (perfume)
The composition of perfumes is almost identical. This is alcohol, water and perfume composition (concentrate, a mixture of scented substances). All the difference is in the proportions of the mixture:

– Perfume (Parfum or Perfume or Extrait) – the highest category-20-30% perfume composition and 90% alcohol. The perfume contains the most expensive natural ingredients. Parfum or Extrait (perfume) are available in small bottles-7ml or 15ml.

– Perfume Water, Day Perfume, Eau De Parfum, Parfum De toilet or, in the terminology of Christian Dior – Esprit De Parfum – “Spirit of Perfume”) – 15-20% of the perfume composition in 90% alcohol.

– Toilet Water (Eau De Toilette) – 6 to 12% concentrate dissolved in 85% alcohol.

– Cologne (Eau De Cologne) – 3-5% of scented substances in alcohol 70-80%. You should know that in American perfumes, the Cologne designation usually corresponds to French Perfumed or eau de Toilette For men.

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