How do I choose a perfume? Let's turn to the aromatic families
The perfume composition consists of a head, heart and main notes. The head note creates an initial impression of the perfume. Then the key fragrance opens — the heart note.…

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Rules for storing perfumes
Box for the oven as you know, perfumes, perfumes and eau de toilette have an expiration date. However, many people continue to use perfumes after this period. Is this correct?…

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What is luxury perfume?
Speaking of "elite perfumes", many people mean something expensive and luxurious. Indeed, the elite class includes perfumes of the highest quality. The word "elite" itself comes from the French "elite",…

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Spirits by zodiac sign

Astrologers believe that stars influence not only our character and mood, but also the perfume we choose. In their opinion, a properly selected fragrance makes a person energetically stronger.
Ivanovny known for their stubbornness and independent nature. They especially carefully choose perfume, so among the representatives of this zodiac sign, you can find a lot of perfume gourmets. As signs of the fire element, Aries prefer quite bright and rich aromas with notes of spices, wood, citrus.

For women: Gucci “Guilty”, Chanel “Coco Mademoiselle”, Armand Basi “In Red»

For men: Calvin Klein “Euphoria Men”, Dsquared2″Potion”.

Telecalcu quite conservative in choosing a perfume. They often remain adherents of one or two flavors for a long time. This sign belongs to the element of Earth and it is closer to the natural smells of flowers and herbs. In the aromas, you should pay attention to the notes of moss, wood, ylang-ylang, vanilla. Taurus women often like sweet smells with gourmet chords.

For women: Chanel “Chance Eau Fraiche”, Carolina Herrera “212 Sexy”, Calvin Klein “One Shock For Her”.

For men: Christian Dior “Fahrenheit”, Yves Saint Laurent “L’homme”, Hermes”Terre D’hermes”.

Gemini Twins are fickle in their perfume preferences and like to experiment, try new things. This ” air ” zodiac sign is quite difficult to decide on your perfume. Today they may like a classic fragrance, and tomorrow a completely unusual and extravagant one. Most of all, women-twins are suitable for floral compositions, and representatives of the stronger sex can pay attention to citrus and fougere perfumes.

For women: Giorgio Armani “Acqua di Gioia”, Cerruti “1881”, Kenzo “L’eau Par Kenzo”.

For men: Giorgio Armani “Aqua Di Gio”, Versace “Versace Pour Homme”.

cancer representatives of the water element, crayfish prefer calm and harmonious flavors, which corresponds to their nature. Cancers often choose the classic perfumes. Representatives of this zodiac sign are very dreamy and romantic. Their delicate and feminine image will be complemented by scents with notes of Lotus, vanilla, Jasmine, and Lily. Cancer men can choose perfumes with marine chords. Such compositions will give confidence and allow cancers to relax.

For women: Elizabeth Arden “Green Tea”, Burberry “Weekend”, Issey Miyake “L’eau D’issey Florale”.

For men: Mexx “Fly High Man”, Lacoste “Lacoste Pour Homme”.

levlva very much like to attract the attention of others, so the flavor of the lion should be colorful, memorable, original. This zodiac sign, which belongs to the fire element, prefers complex, rich and multi-layered compositions. Lions should not skimp on flavors, they choose the best. Representatives of the fair sex with this sign of the zodiac can choose gourmet, floral-fruit or Oriental compositions with a luxurious train. Lion men can choose their fragrance from spicy or leather perfumes.

For women: Christian Dior “J’adore”, Calvin Klein “Euphoria”.

For men: Dolce Gabbana “The One For Men”, Antonio Banderas “the Golden Secret”.

devadeva in contrast, lions often choose moderate and sometimes strict perfume. Tart woody and fresh fougere compositions are suitable for peaceful Virgo men, and refined chypre and floral aromas will appeal to the fair sex of this “earth” zodiac sign.

For women: Calvin Klein “Sheer Beauty Essence”, Chloe “L’eau De Chloe”.

For men: Chanel “Allure Pour Homme”.

Libra Scales have a fine taste and a fine sense of smell. They are able to intuitively choose the right perfume, both for themselves and for others. Representatives of this ” air ” sign are adherents of refined classical compositions, proven by time and personal experience. These are warm, harmonious and harmonious aromas with notes of sandalwood, tobacco, incense, spices, coffee. Libra women are not strangers to sweet, but not catchy compositions that create a sense of comfort and comfort.

For women: Creed “Iris Tuberose”, Baldinini “Baldinini”, Lancome “Poeme”.

For men: Yves Saint Laurent “La Nuit De L’homme”, Christian Dior “Dior Homme”.

Scorpion-strong and independent Scorpions choose expressive scents with a sensual base. Women born under this sign of the water element can charm and have an inexplicable magnetism and charm. They should choose the appropriate fragrance-sensual, seductive, deep, with notes of aphrodisiacs-amber, musk, patchouli. Men can also pay attention to woody-spicy, fougere-spicy, Oriental compositions.

For women: Bvlgari “Jasmine Noir L’essence”, Burberry “Body”.

For men: Davidoff “Champion”, Calvin Klein “Encounter”, Bruno Banani “Made For Men”.

Sagittarius” Fire ” Sagittarians are attracted to unusual flavors, whether fresh or fruit compositions with exotic notes. Optimistic, cheerful and sparkling scents are the best choice for Sagittarius. Bets should be placed on notes of citrus and tropical fruits, moss, lavender, Oud and other expensive wood varieties. Choosing a fragrance, Sagittarians, like lions, try to find the best for themselves.

For women: Cacharel “Amor Amor”, Givenchy “Play Intense”.

For men: Clinique “Happy For Men”, Carolina Herrera “CH Men”.

Aquarius-loving Aquarians are representatives of the air element. They are not used to choosing any one fragrance, often having two or more bottles on the dressing table. Usually these are light, unobtrusive, but elegant compositions with marine, citrus, floral notes that have a memorable smell.

For women: Sisley “Eau Du Soir”, Hermes “Un Jardin sur le Nil”, Trussardi “Donna”.

For men: Lacoste “Essential”, Hugo Boss “Hugo”.

Capricorn confident, responsible and hardworking Capricorns like tart notes in the flavors. They do not allow themselves to use cheap perfumes and pay attention to the brand before purchasing perfume. Capricorns prefer high-quality, status perfumes, often stopping their choice on any one fragrance and not changing it for a long time. The character of the perfume for Capricorn should be somewhat restrained, but not strict, not provocative and at the same time expressive enough to emphasize the confident nature of Capricorn.

For women: Givenchy “Dahlia Divin”, Christian Dior “Dior Addict 2”.

For men: Chanel “Egoiste”, Bvlgari “Aqva Amara”.

fishromantics-fish prefer compositions with a cheerful beginning (citrus and fruit notes) and a sensual base (sandalwood, amber, vanilla). Representatives of the fair sex can choose flower compositions with freesia, Orchid, Gardenia, rose, Jasmine, etc. Men should choose spicy and leather compositions with woody notes.

For women: Escada “Especially Escada Delicate Notes”, Givenchy “Ange Ou Demon Le Secret”, DKNY “Be Delicious”.

For men: Issey Miyake “L’eau D’issey pour Homme”, Lacoste “Lacoste Pour Homme”, Calvin Klein “CK IN2U Him”.

Whether or not to listen to the recommendations of astrologers depends on You, however, these tips can inspire you to get acquainted with new flavors that will help in creating a stylish and unusual image.

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