How to choose your perfume?
Perfume, whether perfume or eau de toilette, is the greatest invention of mankind. What can repel or arouse desire, delight or shock, make a ride in an Elevator a torture…

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Is it worth investing in?.. perfume?
The advertisements say that it is on a par with the world-famous Louvre and Versailles. Maybe so, but this is the first time I've heard of the spirit Museum. Kevin…

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Star scents
Star scented toilet tables of favorite stars always cause special interest, especially when it comes to such an integral element of the image as perfume, which is able to tell…

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Top 10 new perfumes (as of June 2017)

It seems that with today’s diversity in the world of perfumes, it is almost impossible to surprise consumers with something new. But this is not really the case. Fashion houses and popular brands do not stop working on creating special aromatic compositions that would be radically different from everything that was previously imagined. Thanks to the efforts of talented artists over the past year, 10 stunning fragrances have been released, which are already predicted to go down in the history of world perfumery.

1) Guerlain “Mon Guerlain” (2017)

This magical women’s fragrance, the face of which was chosen by the unsurpassed Angelina Jolie, very quickly conquered the world with its beauty and became the sales leader in most perfume stores. At first glance, there is nothing special about it: it is light, unobtrusive, airy. But how beautifully it sits on the delicate female skin, what a luxurious train it leaves behind in the air! If you are looking for a delicate fragrance that would be suitable for everyday use-be sure to pay attention to Guerlain “Mon Guerlain”.

2) Bvlgari “Aqva Pour Homme Atlantiqve” (2017)

Wood-water, incredibly fresh, energetic, cooling-this fragrance is made in the best traditions of Bvlgari. It combines classic and modern, elegance and brutality, austerity and audacity. It is associated with the boundless ocean, fascinating with its strength and power. Bvlgari “Aqva Pour Homme Atlantiqve” opens perfectly in warm weather, and therefore will be indispensable for the spring and summer season.

3) Gucci “Flora By Gucci Gorgeous Gardenia Limited Edition” (2017)

Scents from Gucci deserve special attention, as each product of this brand becomes a real masterpiece. Gucci “Flora By Gucci Gorgeous Gardenia Limited Edition” is one of those perfumes that conquer from the first seconds of acquaintance. It is sweet, floral and fruity, very alluring and attractive. This version of the fragrance differs from the classic “Flora By Gucci Gorgeous Gardenia” with increased durability. The lush train of these delicious perfumes can adorn any outfit, emphasizing the femininity, charm and incredible sexuality of its owner.

4) Gucci “Bamboo Limited Edition” (2017)

Another limited edition from Gucci is designed for young, romantic, charming beauties. Its fragrance is delicate, light and airy, like the thinnest flower petals. The Gucci “Bamboo Limited Edition” bottle, made in a restrained style, perfectly complements the main concept of the perfume, emphasizing its sensual and refined character. Among other novelties, this fragrance is one of the sweetest, girlish and direct. It emphasizes the femininity, charm and natural charm of its owner, attracting the interested attention of the opposite sex.

Carolina Herrera “Good Girl” 5) CarolinaHerrera “GoodGirl” (2016)

Delicious perfume in the form of a Shoe made a real furore in the perfume market. And this is not surprising, because what girl does not want to add such an amazing bottle to her fragrant collection? In addition to the original appearance of Carolina Herrera, “Good Girl” also has a unique sound. This sweet, delicious, warm, spicy aroma does not leave anyone indifferent. It is chosen by sexy, bold, liberated women who are not afraid to challenge society and remain confident in any situation.

6) Prada’s “L’homme” (2016)

Expressive, bright, multi-faceted, exciting, attractive… All this is about Prada “L’homme” – an original men’s fragrance, in which the creators managed to embody something incredible. Here passion, audacity, romance, brutality, courage, determination – all intertwined into a single melody, conquering with its magical sound from the first seconds. This fresh, spicy, pungent fragrance will be a great addition to a well-designed outfit, and therefore is a worthy gift option for a stylish man.

7) Tom Ford “Orchid Soleil” (2016)

Another perfume creation by Tom Ford on the theme of orchids again received a positive response from fans of the brand. This Fashion House like no other manages to reveal the beauty of such a mysterious flower. Tom Ford “Orchid Soleil” fragrance is enclosed in a pink gold bottle that attracts the eye and stands out favorably on the shelves of perfume stores. Luxurious, seductive, alluring, it will become a real decoration for the female image and attract the interested attention of others.

8) Diesel “Bad” (2016)

Many women prefer “bad” men: brutal, bold, determined, those who are afraid of nothing and no one, always confidently follow their goal and get what they want at any cost. In Their new diesel “Bad” fragrance, perfumers Anne Flipo and Carlos Benaim have tried to embody just such a masculine image. The idea was a success for the masters-the perfume composition turned out to be surprisingly charismatic and quickly received recognition from real connoisseurs of high-quality aromatic products.

9) Yves Saint Laurent “Mon Paris” (2016)Yves Saint Laurent “Mon Paris”

This new product does not leave anyone indifferent. A stylish bottle decorated with a black bow, and the magic fragrance contained in it-all this makes a lasting impression on everyone who happened to meet the perfume from Yves Saint Laurent “Mon Paris”. Every note of it is filled with passion and sexuality. It is hot, languid and seductive, it will give any image of charm, charm and unearthly charm. Every lover of sweet fruit compositions will appreciate these perfumes and become their fan for a long time.

10) Givenchy “Ange Ou Demon 10 Years” (2016)

For the tenth anniversary of the popular fragrance “Ange Ou Demon”, the Fashion House has released a new perfume in an elegant bottle, decorated with luxurious black lace. Givenchy “Ange Ou Demon 10 Years” turned out to be as intriguing, alluring, mysterious and charming as its predecessors. It harmoniously combines floral and fruit shades that emphasize the femininity and seductiveness of a true coquette. This fragrance lifts your mood in a matter of seconds and makes every day unforgettable.

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