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Top 10 new perfumes (as of June 2017)
It seems that with today's diversity in the world of perfumes, it is almost impossible to surprise consumers with something new. But this is not really the case. Fashion houses…

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How does a man perceive a woman's fragrance?
Women's fragrance, despite the fact that over the past century we have become very civilized, still largely guided by instincts. And we also choose the fragrance relatively unconsciously. As they…

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Top 10 new perfumes (as of September 2017)

Chanel Gabrielle novincane so long ago we wrote about the top 10 perfume novelties for July 2017. Only a few months have passed, and we are ready to present you another ten of the most fashionable and, perhaps, the most interesting aromatic novelties to date. Fashion houses continue to compete with each other for the attention of the discerning perfume public, and the result of such efforts are real masterpieces, which we will introduce you to.

1) Yves Saint Laurent “Black Opium Floral Shock” (2017)

Each new product from the Black Opium series is worthy of special attention and immediately becomes the object of desire of many connoisseurs of high-quality perfumes. “Black Opium Floral Shock” was no exception. Its luxurious Oriental sound was decorated with sweetly fresh floral chords, thanks to which the composition acquired a more modern and refined character. The new fragrance impresses with its depth and OSM

Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium Floral Shock

2) Christian Dior “Poison Girl” (2016-2017)
In 2016, “Poison Girl” broke out into the hits of perfume new products, winning millions of fans with its bold and bright sound. A year later, Christian Dior introduced a lighter version of the fragrance, which has retained its bold character, but has become more relaxed, feminine and light, which corresponds to the dynamic rhythm of life of a modern girl. Both versions have an exciting gourmet sound, which creates an aura of seduction and sexuality around the owner of the perfume, attracting the attention of the stronger sex.

3) Christian Dior “J’adore In Joy” (2017)

“J’adore In Joy” was another pleasant novelty from the fashion house Christian Dior. The face of the fragrance is always the actress Charlize Theron, but the composition itself appears in a completely new format. Perfumer Francois Demachy diluted the usual floral and fruity sweetness with salty notes and received an intriguing and unusual version of the perfume with a fresh and life-affirming character.

4) Gucci “Bloom” (2017)

This magical floral fragrance won over girls from all over the world not only with its bright advertising campaigns, the face of which was the star of “50 shades of grey” Dakota Johnson, but also with its refined and delicate sound, tempting richness of the floral palette. Delicate and romantic perfume water will be the perfect addition to the airy and dreamy spring image.

5) Chanel “Gabrielle” (2017)

“Gabrielle” can be called one of the most anticipated flavors of 2017. It is also not surprising that the popular actress Kristen Stewart was invited to represent the perfume, which became the embodiment of the freedom-loving and rebellious nature of this floral perfume composition. The fragrance turned out to be truly sincere, cheerful and very elegant, so it quickly won the favor of the fair sex.

6) Giorgio Armani “Si Rose Signature II” (2017)

This stylish perfume novelty does not leave anyone indifferent. Since the launch of the first “Si” , all subsequent flankers instantly become popular

tee. The light and airy composition matches the delicate pastel color of the perfume water in an elegant glass bottle decorated with a satin ribbon. “Si Rose Signature II” is an incredibly beautiful fragrance that, thanks to its relaxed sound, will be appropriate at any time of the year. It is unobtrusive and will complement any casual look and will give it refinement and elegance.

7) Giorgio Armani “Emporio Armani Because It’s You” (2017)

Another intriguing new product from Giorgio Armani became the embodiment of a romantic story of two lovers, which inspired perfumer Anna Flipo to create paired scents – for him and for her. “Emporio Armani Because It’s You” is a women’s perfume that has a playful and energetic character, reflecting a sensual and passionate female nature. This fragrance will undoubtedly be appreciated by lovers of paired perfumes who want to be “on the same wave” with their second half.

8) Lancome “La Vie Est Belle Bouquet de Printemps” (2017)

Once again, the Lancome fashion house reminds us that life is beautiful and presents a new delicate spring fragrance “La Vie Est Belle Bouquet de Printemps”, which makes you forget about all the failures of life and smile at the new day. A sophisticated floral composition, drowning in a soft gourmet halo, emphasizes female beauty and elegance, giving the image a trembling and fragility.

Aquadisiac pour FAM

9) “Good Girl Gone Bad Extreme” (2017)

A good girl becomes even more Bo

more daring and uninhibited! 5 years after the release of the first “Good Girl Gone Bad”, the new fragrance has acquired gourmet shades and has become more seductive. The changes also affected the perfume bottle, which radically changed its color from white

on black. In this way, the designers seemed to emphasize an even more bold and relaxed nature of the composition, addressed to self-confident people who are not shy about their desires.

10) Kenzo “L’eau Kenzo pour Femme Aquadisiac” (2017)

An explosion of feelings and emotions is exciting when you get acquainted with this new product from Kenzo. Its bright and hypnotic character is conveyed in the bold and spectacular design of the bottle, executed in blue and pink

hmm. Juicy fruit and delicate floral chords in” L’eau Kenzo Aquadisiac pour Femme ” are woven into a single elixir of seduction, the captivating sound of which captures from the first notes and makes the heart beat faster!

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Top 10 new perfumes (as of June 2017)
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