How to choose your perfume?
Perfume, whether perfume or eau de toilette, is the greatest invention of mankind. What can repel or arouse desire, delight or shock, make a ride in an Elevator a torture…

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Cheap perfume
Cheap perfume will the cheapest perfume be of high quality? How do they differ from expensive perfumes? Are such fragrances in demand today? This and much more will be discussed…

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Love for life? Arabic perfume
"Even the most refined outfit needs at least a drop of perfume. Only they will give it completeness and perfection... " - admitted the master of the costume Yves Saint…

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Perfume masterpieces of the last 25 years

Masterpieces of perfumery there are scents that are worthy of being considered legends. They do not go out of fashion, do not get bored, do not lose their relevance. In this article, we will talk about perfume bestsellers that have won the hearts of millions and are not going to give up their leadership positions for a long time.

1) Lancome “Tresor” (1990)

This luxurious Oriental floral fragrance, created by a talented perfumer Sofia Groysman, still catches with its softness, sensuality and sexuality. “Tresor” is the embodiment of sincere, all-consuming love, in the name of which the most daring and courageous actions are performed. Translated from French, its name sounds like “Treasure”, which fully corresponds to its character. It is really a valuable item in the world of perfumery and deserves to become a real highlight in any fragrance collection.

2) Thierry Mugler “Angel” (1992)

The fragrance “Angel” was the first brainchild of the legendary Thierry Mugler. This composition conveys all the warmest and sweetest memories from childhood, it takes your breath away and quickens your heartbeat. In the early 90’s, it had no analogues and remains the same bright and charismatic even after two decades. The incredible combination of components, complemented by the original design of the bottle in the form of a star, charmed many women and continues to amaze to this day, getting new fans of all ages.

3) Guerlain “Champs Elysées” (1996)Champs elysées perfume

The fragrance “Champs Elysées” draws in the imagination the image of a cheerful, open, confident and self-sufficient woman, hungry for warmth, tenderness and true love. All the romance of Paris and the luxury of the Champs-Elysees Formed the basis for creating this magical composition. It can truly be considered magical, because twenty years later, it still retains its relevance and does not leave indifferent beautiful ladies. This floral-fruity, playful, melodic fragrance opens incredibly beautifully in cool weather and gives the image of its owner an unearthly charm.

4) Chanel “Allure” (1996)

The Chanel fashion house has given the world dozens of perfume masterpieces and one of them is considered “Allure”. It is unique, bright, recognizable and unique. The fragrance shimmers with its many facets and constantly changes, as does the female mood. Jacques Polge tried to embody the beauty and greatness of the beautiful half of humanity in it, filling it with tender, sensual, but quite expressive shades.

Perfume Dior Zhador5) Christian Dior “J’adore” (1999)

French perfume with the melodic name “J’adore” is a real ode to femininity, grace and refinement. Magically, they do not lose their popularity over the years, but on the contrary, they get more and more recognition around the world. This is a fragrance with a certain character: luxurious, loud, defiantly beautiful. He became the personification of a confident woman who conquers her fans not only with a perfect appearance, but also with an incredible inner strength that is felt in every fleeting glance.

6) Lanvin “Eclat d’arpège” (2002)

The release of the perfume ” Eclat d’arpège “was timed to the 75th anniversary of the classic fragrance”Arpege”. They became the embodiment of sincere love, all-consuming tenderness, incredible sensuality, refined elegance and natural charm. This perfume is still a real phenomenon, as it is liked by completely different and dissimilar women. It is suitable for everyone, regardless of age and status, which makes it truly magical and unique.

7) Versace “Bright Crystal” (2006)Versace Bright Crystal

This is an alluring, intriguing, mysterious fragrance, the sound of which echoes a lot of perfume facets. It is simultaneously gentle, sensual, elegant, sexy and luxurious. According to one version, Alberto Morillas combined in this composition all the favorite notes of Donatella Versace herself. As a result, “Bright Crystal” became one of the best-selling fragrances in the perfume line of the fashion house Versace. His fans, even after a decade, remain loyal to him and do not want to change it for anything else.

8) Dolce&Gabbana “L’imperatrice 3” (2009)

“L’imperatrice 3 “is one of the most famous fragrances belonging to the” Taro ” perfume collection from Dolce & Gabbana. Delicate, sensual, refined, clean and airy, it opens beautifully in any weather and combines with any image of its owner. He is incredibly attractive, alluring and sexy, every woman can feel like a real Queen with him. This popularity of the perfume was provided by the fact that it managed to combine simplicity with glamour. It turned out to be universal and allows everyone to see something special in it.

Paco Rabanne Lady Million9) Paco Rabanne “Lady Million” (2010)

This fragrance in an original bottle in the form of a Golden diamond is created for luxury ladies: confident, bold and purposeful. It embodies the image of a “woman in a million” who conquers with her dazzling appearance and determined character. She likes to attract attention and knows how to interest the interlocutor. This is how Paco Rabanne sees the owner of “Lady Million”, because one of his beliefs is that women of the future will surpass men in everything, thanks to their charm, inner strength and subtle mind.

10) Guerlain “La Petite Robe Noir” (2012)

“La Petite Robe Noir” is a young fragrance that was born not so long ago. But, despite this, he has already managed to get a huge number of fans from all over the world and become on the same level with the real perfume legends. Its name seemed to predict that it would occupy a niche among the so-called classics of world perfumery. Just like the little black dress, it turned out to be versatile, simple and luxurious at the same time, stylish and not out of fashion. Elegance, confidence and fatal attractiveness-all this is read in the image of its beautiful owner.

Of course, it is impossible to limit yourself to ten flavors, considering a time period of a quarter of a century. But, nevertheless, the compositions presented above should be given due credit: each of them has an incredible mystery that will drive you crazy for more than a dozen years.

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Perfume masterpieces of the last 25 years
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