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Is it worth investing in?.. perfume?

The advertisements say that it is on a par with the world-famous Louvre and Versailles. Maybe so, but this is the first time I’ve heard of the spirit Museum.

Kevin George
— After the tour, “the attendant announced,” you will be able to purchase the factory’s products.

In fact, what should I bring from Paris but French perfume?!

Eva must have made a lot of money.Delivering information at the rate of a million sounds per second, deftly and to the point interspersing his machine-gun speech jokes, she instantly won the audience. Men perked up immediately as soon as they were shown the unit that distills fats infused with flowers into a fragrant oil, which later becomes the basis of perfume.

— It’s a moonshine machine!” – exclaimed the experts.

‘Yes, Yes,’ said Eva readily. — Now, Madame, are you satisfied that your husband’s moonshine can be successfully adapted to your needs?”

The quality of the perfume depends on the quality of the oil, because the perfume contains at least 25% of it. Thanks to this concentration, a very small amount is enough to exude fragrance all day.

“Perfume is for women only,” she continued. – Men are intended for eau de toilette, in which the concentration of oils is 10%.

Eau de toilette, she warned, was applied to … clothes.

— It contains too many alkaloids that are not good for the skin.

Why is perfume so expensive? To get, for example, 1 ml of lavender oil, you need 30 kg of lavender flowers. For rose oil-70 kg of rose petals.

— Therefore, as a gift, demand from your man only a real, and therefore expensive perfume. And if he is greedy, invest money in perfume yourself, and you can easily replace a man without enthusiasm for a more generous-gives a recipe for profitable investment Parisian.

And warns: never buy Chanel # 5. First, using promoted, fashionable brands, women begin to smell the same.

— So it’s easy for your husband to mistake you for a neighbor, especially in the dark, ” the French woman jokes.

In addition, 70 percent of the price of this perfume is advertising and a bottle (also part of the marketing policy), and only 30 percent is the actual content. The same songwriters can work for several brands at once. By the way, the author of the popular “Chanel # 5″ is a former court perfumer of the Romanov Royal family, Ernst Bo. He worked in the center of perfumes of those times — the city of Grasse. Mademoiselle Chanel chose a fragrance from several suggested ones and gave it her name, but the author remained undeservedly forgotten.

Previously, it was considered correct to choose perfumes depending on the color of the hair: for blondes, some scents, for brunettes — others.

— It’s different now — ” the expert warns. — Because we’ve already forgotten who we really are: brunettes or blondes.

Therefore, perfumes are worn depending on the season (winter, summer) and time of day. In summer, for example, grapefruit flavors are popular. The musky note is suitable for the evening.

— Although, if your boss is an attractive man at work, and you want to talk to him about increasing wages, feel free to use perfume with musk and day, – the expert allows.

The very word “perfume”, which means “smoke”, reflects its history. After all, before incense was lit. The first inventive woman who decided to charm a man with a smell was Cleopatra. Caesar fell in love with her not at first sight, but with the first scent.

Women have not forgotten science and not without success for many centuries in a row use scents in the subtle art of flirting.

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