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What is TEGE?

In Odnoklassniki, on the Chelyabinsk community page, They started asking all sorts of questions, playing games… I Must say that it was nice for me to find some interesting things about the city where I spent the first 19 years of my conscious (and maybe not always conscious) life. These were photos of places that I literally trampled down in those years, and the history of the area in which I lived…
Lena Lir,
The audience began to play questions: “Proper names familiar only to Chelyabinsk residents”. I remembered a joke from the 50s of the last century:
— Why is the store called TEJAE?”
— Because the spirits are the same, the same, the same…
And I asked the question: “Where was the tege store and what did IT sell?”No one answered, to my satisfaction: I am as old as a mammoth, no one remembers what I remember!

And then I started up myself: why “TEZHE”? Where did the name come from? Why are the spirits the same? And here the case brings me to the former Leningradka. That’s what I heard:

“On the lips of TEZHE,
In front of TEJAE.
On the cheeks of TEZHE…
Kiss where?
It was a song before the war. In Leningrad, somewhere in the fifties on the corner of Liteyny and Nevsky opened a perfume store, opened after repairs. In my opinion, was the inscription “TAGE”. That’s probably why my dad used to sing this song to me. (There may very well have been another line that dad didn’t sing to his daughter. And this line exactly indicated the place where there was no TEZHE-B. R.) and there was kisanka, who held a compact and a powder puff in her paws. And powdered her face. And of course there was a crowd there… I don’t think there was a sign on the house, but there was this old inscription on the plaster on the front of the house.”

It seems that the store in Chelyabinsk was a copy of St. Petersburg: stucco letters TEZHE on the front of a five-story elite (even by today’s standards) house on Central Avenue, which at different times bore the names of Spartak and Lenin. The house is still standing and is located opposite the monument to Lenin. (I write, give directions, and in my head I think-maybe Lenin is already in another place?)

What was in this store? Products of the perfume factory “New dawn”: in beautiful boxes sets “Kremlin”, “Red Moscow”, “Lights of Moscow”, separately perfumes, colognes, powders (maybe the list is not complete and with errors, but-sorry, I was 10-12 years old then).

But why did TEJA? Do you remember that Ostap Bender founded the procurement office “Horns and hooves”? We do not know today that this was not the irony of the authors. This was reality. Maybe the horns and hooves were not harvested, but the Ministry of food industry had a trust “Fatness” and it was in charge of perfume enterprises. Perfumers, I think, could not accept the fact that the stores with their products would be emblazoned with the name of the trust.

V. Trenin writes: “it is Known that the name “Trust Zhirkost” on all labels and signs has been reduced to the initial designation TEZHE. This imaginary word, despite its pointlessness, has a very strong perfume smell. The law of lexical coloration (Yuri Tynyanov’s term) applies here. The word TEGE sounds completely French, rhyming with a chain of words: “dragee”, “Frage”, “negligee”, “blancmange”, etc.and therefore is closely included in a number of French perfume surnames: Rallet, Coty, peever, Guerlain.”

I am not an expert in perfumery, but I really liked the perfume “Lights of Moscow”. And my half, too. And I even gave them sometimes, despite the fact that the price for them was not low. By the way, Bella Akhmadulina captured this moment in detail in her poems:

And in the store, on the first floor,
I can tell a miser by his pallor.
Having chosen a bottle of Cologne,
he languishes under the guise of “TAGE”.
I say, ” Oh, get your mind off it
from greed and gout,
buy rich gifts
and take it to your beloved.

In these lines, it is not only the moment of overcoming avarice that is important, but also the element of the era — the TEJE store-is fixed in them. And an indication that the gift of TAGA — a rich gift!

Today, everything is much simpler: Chanel # 5, Boss, and other odorous liquids are available not only to everyone, but to many. But everything new is well-forgotten old. Recently I witnessed a scene: a well-scented young man enters the room. And someone asks him: “what Cologne do you Have?””The latest, “Hugo”. And this last one reminded me very much of “silver Lily of the Valley”.

So, the perfume “Red Moscow” in 2013 turned 100 years old. And all 100 years perfumers carefully protected the recipe from disclosure! I have no doubt that the author of this recipe did not try to look into eternity. And it is very possible that these spirits will survive for many more centuries! And along with them the line: “the same spirits, the same, the same…»

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