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Cheap perfume

Cheap perfume will the cheapest perfume be of high quality? How do they differ from expensive perfumes?
Are such fragrances in demand today? This and much more will be discussed in this article.
How does the composition of cheap perfumes differ from expensive ones?

Everyone knows that the composition of high-quality luxury perfumes consists mainly of natural ingredients. Synthetic fragrances are used to create more accessible scents. But it is necessary to pay tribute, the smell of many budget perfumes at first may be identical to the expensive one, but the low resistance and flatness of the composition will certainly make itself felt. While the pyramid of expensive fragrances uses up to several dozen notes, a cheap perfume can only use 3-4 main notes.

Persistent budget spirits: myth or reality

Often a tempting low cost is proportionally equal to the durability of a cheap fragrance. And no matter how much advertisers try to object, the more expensive the fragrance, the longer it usually sounds. In addition, it should be noted that fresh aquatic odors are eroded much faster than sweet, spicy and woody compositions.

Cheap perfume

The outer shell of cheap perfume

Despite the price of budget perfumes, their bottles at first glance are not much inferior to their expensive counterparts. When making replicas of well-known flavors, the packaging is usually close to the original. Manufacturers of simple inexpensive perfumes also try not to concede to famous brands, and produce attractive and high-quality bottles for their perfumes.

Pros and cons of inexpensive perfumes

Like any other product, inexpensive perfumes have their pros and cons. The main disadvantage of cheap perfumes is the weak resistance of the fragrance, but if you have a habit of carrying a bottle with you and constantly updating the smell – this is unlikely to be a problem for you.

The advantages include:

1) Low cost.

2) The possibility of matching the original flavor to 80-90%.

3) Attractive design of the bottle, not unlike expensive perfumes.

4) If you buy cheap perfume that is not initially a replica of a well-known fragrance, then you will most likely get the original. Practice shows that there is no point in making fakes for budget perfumes.

As you can see, the pros turned out to be much more than the cons. Perhaps this is why budget perfumes, as well as elite ones, have a lot of loyal fans. Who knows, maybe you will soon become one of them.

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